Packaging Compliance

The PRN System

A Packaging Recovery Note (PRN) is an evidence note that demonstrates that packaging waste has been recycled. One PRN can be raised for 1 tonnes of recycled or recovered material. These can only be issued by accredited reprocessors and accredited exporters of packaging waste.

Through the purchase of PRNs, obligated companies are taking responsibility for a percentage of the packaging waste that they have placed into the UK waste stream. The income generated from the sale of PRNs is monitored by the Environmental Agencies and is used for investment into recycling infrastructure, and compliance ensuring that recycling and recovery can continue to grow.

Smart Comply are responsible for purchasing all PRNs on behalf of their members in order for the members to fulfil their obligations.

The cost of the PRN is market driven, and can rise or fall depending upon the availability of the recycled material. Smart Comply has long standing relationships with key reprocessors and exporters and can always offer great value PRNs.