About Us

Meet the Team

Danny O’Connor, Managing Director

Danny has a BSc in mathematical physics and mathematics. After leaving university he worked for one of the largest recycling companies in the UK. He has traded PRNs since the regulations began in 1998, first with his employer and then later in his own business. He has a deep understanding of the regulations and market. Danny sat on the government Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP) panels examining glass, plastic, and metal recycling.

Danny loves sport and has completed a number of triathlons. His preferred sport is running, and he would love to do another marathon if he can stay injury free. Danny loves walking with his family and supporting his beloved football team, Arsenal.

Shani Gill, General Manager

Shani joined the business in 2014 and works with Danny and Sandeep on purchasing strategy and understanding market dynamics. Having formed some of her own relationships with PRN suppliers over the years, she contributes to the procurement of PRNs for both our clients and members. Shani has transformed the operation and structure of the compliance scheme since we took it over in 2015. Shani has until very recently also managed a proportion of the scheme’s key accounts ensuring packaging data is accurately reported by members.

• Social overview: Shani enjoys going to the gym, socialising with friends, going to the cinema and running about after her dog and cat. But she’s most happy on the beach with a cocktail and her husband!

• Best achievement: Successfully building a career in an industry that I had no previous experience in.
Hard work and loyalty pay off.

• Favourite takeaway: Turkish cuisine

• Favourite film: Impossible to choose just one! This is 40 (comedy), The Lost Boys (classic 80’s), Moulin Rouge (musical), Wolf of Wall Street (modern), Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (Fantasy/Family)

Sandeep Attwal, Commercial Director

Sandeep joined the business in July 2023 and has over 20 years’ experience in the Producer Responsibility, especially packaging. Sandeep’s expertise in the recycling industry has allowed her to develop a comprehensive understanding of market trends, pricing dynamics, and supply chain management. Sandeep can leverage this knowledge to develop procurement strategies that optimise members cost structure and minimise risk.

Sandeep is all about finding that sweet spot between work and well-being. She’s passionate about health and wellness, making time for self-care is her priority. Traveling is her ultimate escape, where she thrives on exploring new places and cultures. Cooking is Sandeep’s creative outlet. Sandeep love experimenting with flavouring and whipping up delicious meals from scratch. And, when she’s not in the kitchen or jet-setting, you’ll often find her nose-deep in a book, constantly seeking knowledge to excel in her field.

Abbie Clark, Account Manager

In 2015, Abbie joined the team and quickly demonstrated a deep understanding of producer responsibility regulations and their effects on members. Handling a large portion of our scheme’s accounts including data analysis and submissions as well as leading in EPR, DRS, and Plastic Packaging Tax advisory. Abbie diligently tracks, analyses, and communicates regulatory changes, ensuring members stay informed and compliant with existing and upcoming laws.

– Abbie loves spending time with friends and family, seeing live music and attending festivals.

– Abbie enjoys sea swims when she gets the chance, making pottery and growing her own fruit and vegetables at her allotment.

– She always has a book on the go and likes to eat out as well as cook and bake.

– Her favourite foods are Indian, Italian and Sri Lankan.

– Abbie’s favourite film is The Blues Brothers

Andy Punter, Data Analyst

Andy carries out detailed data analysis on UK recycling, UK obligations, Office for National Statistics reports, consumer trends and any information that can improve our market intelligence. Through him, we carry out daily checks of the UK obligation and recycling volumes to ensure we can react to any significant changes with speed.

-Andy’s biggest achievement is earning an A-Level in math independently, without attending formal A2 classes, achieving a grade of “C”.

-Andy in his free time enjoys gaming, watching the football either at the pub with his friends or at home, and watching TV shows, films & anime.

-Andy’s top 3 takeaway foods are pizza, burger and Chinese.

-Andy’s favourite series is Attack on Titan.

Henry Ellis-Jones, Marketing Specialist

Henry graduated University with a Business and Marketing degree and is using his marketing skills to drive the business forward. He focuses on creating meaningful connections with customers through his campaigns, contributing to the growth of the business.

-Henry spends his time at the weekends by going to the gym and watching sports, further socialising with his friends. Henry most enjoys his time at the beach with his dog

– Henrys best achievement captaining his hometown rugby side and representing Cambridgeshire at county level

– Henrys favourite takeaway is an Indian curry

-Henrys favourite TV series is Vikings